Classroom Expectations for Accelerated Biology

Mrs. Williams
Phone: 714-962-3301Ext. 221
Room: 221
Text: Biology Kenneth R. Miller and Joseph Levine
Course Website: (Be sure to bookmark it!)

I. Major Course Objectives:
Upon experiencing a variety of different teaching techniques, students will develop a broad understanding of the following 5 major biological themes:
    Cellular Biology (organelles, chemical reactions within cells, enzymes)
    Genetics (sexual reproduction leading to variation, probability of traits inherited, DNA & RNA, modern biotechnology)
    Ecology (biodiversity, ecosystems, populations, biogeochemical cycles, human impact, pollution)
    Evolution (diversity of species, natural selection)
    Physiology (structure and function of the major human body systems)
 Content standards set forth by The California State Board Of Education – 2001

II. Class Rules:
1. Be ready to learn and in your seat when the bell rings.  At the end of the period, I will dismiss the class.  The last 15 seconds of class is plenty of time to get to learn one more thing in Biology.
2. Be prepared to learn.   Bring your notebook/binder and something to write with everyday.
3. Be courteous to each other and to your teacher.  Say please and thank you.  Raise your hand. Talk and engage with others during appropriate class time. 
4. Be respectful – respect others in the class and their property. 
5. Be attentive – success in this class depends on YOU.  Believe in yourself.  Listen, learn, And PASS.
6. Be honest- follow and adhere to your personal code of honor and to the FVHS Academic Code of Honor.
7. Be positive and work hard- Contribute to a positive learning environment.

Failure to follow the guidelines above will result in….
First Offense:                       Warning
Second Offense:                   Private conference with student and detention
Third Offense:                      Phone call home and detention
Fourth Offense:                    Referral

III.  Suggested Materials:  Discovery happens to prepared minds!!
A lack of materials wastes valuable time and interferes with success. Suggested materials include a pen, pencil, 8.5” x 11” paper, highlighter, colored pencils and a science notebook with 4 section dividers labeled: Warm-ups, Notes, Labs, Homework/Classwork. To stay organized it is important to bring this notebook to class every day.

IV. Homework Policy:  The purpose of homework is to reinforce and practice concepts discovered in class. Homework will generally be given on a nightly basis, and will be stamped at the beginning of the period when it is due.  Homework is late 30 seconds after the tardy bell rings. It will be stamped for complete AND thoughtful responses. If your homework is not stamped at the beginning of the period (i.e., you have an unexcused tardy), it is late and will not be accepted for full credit.

Each assignment will be worth points.  You will keep all assignments until a packet is assembled at the end of the unit.  On the provided cover sheet for the unit, total your points earned and staple your assignments in order. Packets will be due the day of the exam. If you lose a paper before the packet is turned in, you will not receive credit for it. It is your responsibility to keep all work!

BUT……you can earn up to 4 homework coupons throughout the semester that can be used to turn in an assignment one day late. 
ALSO….I do understand that life happens.  So if you have an extenuating circumstance, talk to me (call or email me BEFORE the day the assignment is due)

Due to the volume and detail of information you will be learning, it is important that you take the initiative and go over notes and readings every night. Discover which study techniques work best for you to maximize your learning.    Keep in mind that looking at your notes and looking at the book are just looking and that learning Biology requires that you understand.  Taking ownership of the material will help you be successful in this class.

V. Tardies/Leaving Class:
If you are tardy to class, you must go to the front office and obtain a tardy slip before you will be allowed to enter the class.  If your tardy is excused, immediately hand me a note upon entering the classroom.   You should attend to personal business during passing period.   To leave class for any reason, you must ask me.   

VI. Tests And Quizzes:
There are no “set” days that tests or quizzes will be given. Don’t worry; plenty of warning will be given.  Tests will consist of multiple choice, fill in and essay questions that require students to apply concepts learned.  There will be a cumulative final at the end of each semester. This means that students will need to master everything covered from the beginning to the end of each semester.

VII. Absences:
The course is fast paced and centered on hands - on activities and labs. Students may find returning overwhelming if even one day is missed. Students are responsible for doing all work assigned (even if the absence is excused. IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND OUT WHAT WAS MISSED - NOT THE TEACHER. Any assignment not handed in, regardless of the type of absence, will receive a zero.
  1. Immediately upon your return, give the missed day’s homework to the teacher by placing it in the “in box” so it can be stamped for credit. Write “ABSENT” on the top of your assignment and include the due date.
  2. You should primarily refer to the online agenda to determine what you missed before you come back to class. 
  3. You should also refer to the “What did I miss in Accelerated Biology” box in the back for any missed worksheets that were not posted online.  
  4. You have one day to make up an assignment per day absent. After this time, all missed work will be considered LATE and will not be scored.

If you missed a lab, please arrange a make-up time with the teacher. For those labs that cannot be made up, other arrangements will be made. If at all possible, DO NOT MISS LAB DAYS!
If you missed a test but were present when the test was announced, you are expected to take the test on the day you return.  An exception will be made only if new material that is included on the test was introduced during your absence. It is imperative that students make an appointment with me for a make-up test. If at all possible, DO NOT MISS TEST DAYS!

VIII. Grading:
·Grading is done on a cumulative point basis. Approximately 60% of the grade received will reflect test scores. Approximately 40% of the grade received will reflect homework and class work like labs, projects, and reports.
·Periodically, grades will be posted on the parent/student portal. This leaves no room for surprise at report card time. Students are strongly urged to keep track of their own grades and check to be sure the grade on the portal is accurate according to their own records.
·Extra Credit: Extra credit is a rare occurrence, but several opportunities will be available throughout the semester. Any unused hall passes will earn five points extra credit each at the end of the semester.
·Students are not given grades students EARN them.

The grading scale is as follows:
100% - 90% = A         89% - 80% = B       79% - 70% = C      69% - 60% = D        59% and below = F 

VIIII.  Mission Statement
It is my goal to ignite the inquisitive nature of students in the fascinating field of science.  I will do this by incorporating a science curriculum that is passionate, creative, rigorous and relevant.  Biology is the scientific study of life and can be seen in every aspect of our daily lives.  The students will be motivated to learn by making a personal connection to the material.  Although the class will be demanding, it is my hope that the students find the work to be rewarding. 

I look forward to a fun and challenging semester!

Mrs. E. Williams  

I can be contacted at Fountain Valley High School at (714) 962 – 3301 ext. 4221 or via my email address  Email is the best way to contact me. I usually check my mail daily and am able to access grades at home and report them back to interested parents or students. I also encourage students to email me if they need assistance academically or otherwise.